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Shanghai Lumpia
Charsiu Manapua (fully cooked)
Pot-Roast Pork Manapua (fully cooked)
Pork Hash (fully cooked) - 16oz. (453g) 24 pcs.
Longganisa with Vinegar
Longganisa Sweet
Pork BBQ 10's
Marinated Bangus
Grated Coconut
Grated Cassava 5lbs.

Boiled Peanuts (fully cooked)

Pork Dinuguan (fully cooked - pork and pork stomach with blood in sauce) 20oz. (1.25lb.) 

Pork Guisantes (fully cooked - stewed pork with peas and vegetables)

20oz. (1.25lb.)

Chicken Adobo (fully cooked - seasoned cooked chicken with sauce)

20oz. (1.25lb.)

Pork Adobo (fully cooked - seasoned cooked pork with sauce)

20oz. (1.25lb.)

Crispy Gaugee (fully cooked - crispy fried pork dumpling) - 16oz. (453g)